Privilège Collection
Transformation occurs brilliantly deep below the surface: a gem is unveiled from the earth while a pearl is born from the sea. The Privilège Collection is an homage to the extraordinary transformation that takes place from raw beauty into lavish creations. Epitomizing prestige in every sense, the Privilège Collection is a marvel of Hinerava’s most intricately ornate designs.
Poésie Collection
An expression of Hinerava’s romantic imagination, the Poésie Collection is an ode to femininity and grace. Sparkling and colorful gems are harmoniously matched to a rainbow palette of pearls in elegant designs that accompany women day after day. Dazzling colors suffuse the Poésie Collection, offering a reflection of Hinerava’s bright and light-hearted aesthetics.
Signature Collection
A celebration of traditional designs blended with modern sensibilities, the Signature Collection perpetuates eternal elegance. Diamonds bestow their sparkle on sleek curves and iconic creations that honor lustrous pearls. The Signature Collection is a testament to Hinerava’s virtues of grace and savoir-faire.
Elements Collection
The Elements Collection reflects the quest for vitality and movement through jewels that are inspired by nature. Organic shapes and raw textures accentuate the authentic properties of Tahitian pearls. The Elements Collection offers creations that convey fluidity and eternal freshness, virtues that characterize Hinerava’s pursuit of natural beauty.
Nacara Collection
Honoring beauty in the imperfect, the Nacara Collection highlights keshi pearls at the heart of its designs. Keshi pearls are exquisitely irregular, absolutely unique, and completely natural. Hinerava’s feminine spirit shines in Nacara by presenting a collection entirely dedicated to these individual gems, composed in flowing creations with airy esthetics.
Coquina Collection
Coquina is a sedimentary rock that is composed of an assortment of fragmented shells that time has cemented together. A favorite stone in our designer’s geologic studies, Coquina has found its place as one of Hinerava’s quintessential jewelry lines. Thus, the Coquina Collection represents the agglomeration of shells and bits of natural elements through charms that are meant to tell your story, just as the components of a coquina stone tell its origin.
Tetiaroa Collection
The Tetiaroa Collection was born from our social mission to protect our environment. Your purchase contributes to our Giving Back program, where Hinerava dedicates funds to the Tetiaroa Turtle Sanctuary, in partnership with Tetiaroa Society and Te Mana O Te Moana
His Hinerava
His Hinerava Collection embodies timeless elegance. Modern designs lend a contemporary esthetic without compromising comfort.
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