The Art of Composition


Each of Hinerava’s pearl strands is a work of art, exuding elegance and classic beauty.
Their creation requires patience, skill, and dedication.

Uniform Pearl Strands
Strands of pearls with uniform color, luster, shape and size can take decades of harvests and months of sorting to cull the requisite pearls. Such uniform strands are the hallmark of any fine jewelry collection. Hinerava offers perfectly matched pearl strands of rare colors of Tahitian pearls.

Multicolored Pearl Strands
Strands of multicolored pearls require a keen sense of composition. Similar to a piece of art, Hinerava’s multicolored strands are meticulously studied works which convey composition through one or more elements of unity, balance, contrast, rhythm, and movement.

Unity & Rhythm
Every pearl in the strand should feel as if it belongs, none is awkwardly out of place.
Similar to music, a pearl strand can have an underlying beat that leads and paces the eye through the repetition of color.

Like a flowing river, movement can be achieved by the gradual change of pearl color. The gradation of color is subtle yet ever so precise.
A symmetrical arrangement adds a sense of calm whereas an asymmetrical arrangement creates a sense of unease or imbalance. Balance can be achieved by size gradation or by the repetition of shape or color.

Strong differences between light and dark pearls create sharp contrast whereas pearls of similar palettes create subdued, flowing contrast.