Pearl Care


Pearls are soft gems that require special care.

The organic nacre that envelops a pearl is sensitive to its environment and can easily be scratched. However, following these recommendations, caring for your pearls will become second nature.
Last On, First Off
Apply makeup, perfume, body/hand creams before putting on your pearl jewelry. After wearing, remove your pearls first and gently wipe them with the Hinerava microfiber cloth. Store your pearls separately from other jewelry to avoid scratching.

Avoid Acids & Corrosive Substances
Your pearls should never be exposed to solutions that contain ammonia, harsh detergents, household cleaning products, or perfumes. They should be removed before showering or swimming in a pool.

Wear Your Pearls Often
If left in a dry place such as a safe for extended periods of time, pearls may crack or fade. Pearls are naturally hydrated when they come into contact with your skin, therefore wear your pearls as often as you can!

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