Transformation occurs brilliantly deep below the surface: a gem is unveiled from the earth while a pearl is born from the sea. The Privilège Collection is an homage to the extraordinary transformation that takes place from raw beauty into lavish creations. Lustrous pearls and dazzling gems are gloriously transformed into vibrant, luxurious jewels.

Epitomizing prestige in every sense, the Privilège Collection is a marvel of Hinerava’s most intricately ornate designs.
Rainbow Necklace
Hinerava's Privilège Collection features the one of a kind Rainbow Necklace, composed of exceptional multicolored Tahitian pearls and semi-precious cabochons, including aquamarine, chalcedony, citrine, and rose quartz, set in 18K yellow gold.
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Diamonds Tahitian Pearl Gold Jewelry Necklace Colliers de Perles de Tahiti or bijoux
Multicolor Pearl Tourmaline & Sapphire Bib
"Hinerava’s Privilège Collection presents a necklace composed of blue-green tourmaline cabochons, paired with 10 striking aubergine and green Tahitian pearls. Each pearl’s surface reflects off their neighboring tourmalines, enhancing their natural color. Pink and Purple sapphires are carefully placed within the composition for a touch of added brilliance. The necklace is set in 18K yellow gold and is a one of kind jewel. "
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Tahitian Pearl Jewelry Necklace Colliers de Perles de Tahiti or bijoux
Diamond Seahorse Pearl Sautoir
Hinerava's Privilège Collections presents a unique Tahitian pearl sautoir with 79 peacock pearls, 10 to 11mm in size, A and B quality, adorned with an 18K yellow gold seahorse. The seahorse features 0.89 carats of sparkling white diamonds.
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Diamond Tahitian Pearl Gold Jewelry Ring Bague Perles de Tahiti or bijoux
Champagne Diamond Pearl Wrap
Hinerava's Prestige Collection Tahitian pearl ring features an exquisite 13.9mm champagne pearl, set in 18K yellow gold with champagne diamonds, total 1.751 carats.
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Geometric Bracelet-1
Geometric Bracelet
Hinerava's Prestige Collection presents a geometric bracelet set in 18K white gold with light blue topaz and exquisite Tahitian pearls, ranging from light rose, deep rose, lavender, and aubergine. This statement bracelet is a one of kind jewel.
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Blue Topaz Princess Pearl Necklace
Hinerava's Prestige Collection features an exquisite 18K white gold necklace composed of 20.202 carats of blue topaz and 13 blue Tahitian pearls, 12.7-14.8mm. The Princess necklace is a one of a kind jewel .
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White Gold Blue topaz diamonds Tahitian Pearl Earrings Or Blanc Topaz Bleu Diamant perle de tahiti boucle d'oreilles
Blue Topaz Princess Pearl Earrings
Hinerava's Prestige Collection features an exquisite pair of earrings composed of blue topaz, 1.504 carats, set in 18K white gold and adorned by perfectly matched 14 millimeter naturally blue colored Tahitian pearls. The Blue Topaz Princess earrings are one of a kind.
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Oceania Cuff with Paraiba Tourmalines
Hinerava's Prestige Collection Tahitian pearl cuff is a one of a kind jewel born from a collaboration with LJD Jewelry. The Oceania cuff features 16 Paraiba tourmalines with 0.27 carats, 16 white diamonds with 0.24 carats, a 5 carat blue/green tourmaline cabochon, a 2.5 carat blue silica cabochon, a 0.12 carat emerald, 12 aquamarines with 0.12 carats, 3 chrome diopside 0.12 carat, 4 green sapphires 0.10 carats, set in tarnish resistant 925 silver, weighing 108.63 grams.
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